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The Surpising Science Behind a 37% Increase in Sales

What makes us happy-- new promotions, shiny red sport cars and grandeur homes?

These things are nice and may excite us, but not for a lasting period of time. We live in a society that has a backwards view on life, so we believe our happiness stems from new things. Of course, this is not the case. I recently read Positive Intelligence by Shirzad Chamine, which tackles the power of positive intelligence and how we can implement this approach to increase our sales by 37%.

Everyone says we need to have a great mindset; however, great mindsets do not come from grinding and hustling because grinding and hustling are not fun. As salespeople we constantly face rejection from our clients and judgment from our boss. The negativity we receive leads to a bad attitude that makes it even more difficult to produce results.

Markets, products and companies do not kill salespeople; it’s their loss of drive. They burn out during these stress periods because they are not able to recover. Chamine offers Positive Intelligence (PI) approaches that serve as a solution to decrease recovery time.

There are two entities within our mind: Sages and Saboteurs

Saboteurs are those things that get us down, ideas that encapsulate our head and tell us we aren’t good at something. Sages are the voices telling us how to appropriately interpret and react to a situation. The sage represents growth, and inhibits the saboteur from taking over by transforming rejection into a lesson learned.

Sages forgive, empathize, explore, innovate, navigate, and activate.

To learn more about this technique, check out my PodCast, “The Brutal Truth about Sales & Selling.”

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