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"Hi my name is Jake and I'm a Pitchaholic"

For many of you in sales, this story may sound hauntingly familiar. 

This is a note from a PodCast Listener:

My days were very habitual. I would wake at 5 am check my phone for emails and voicemails, always disappointed with the lack of messages and replies. I would head to Starbucks and bang at the door when they were not open on time. I would order my Venti coffee, that turned into a Red-eye (1 shot of espresso) and eventually a Black-eye (2 shots of espresso). 


I would be at my desk by 7:30 am to compile my targets for the day. I would google for new email subject lines that were working better, check YouTube for a motivational video and start my email cadence. I had it all down to science. I know the Insights that would challenge my prospects to think differently and create interest. How could I lose?

The only issue was that the only responses I was receiving were "Unsubscribe" and "Take me off your list." I interrupted this as playing hard to get. I would now need to Cold Call them and Social stock them. They were not going to get away. I had a quota, and two cats to feed and Starbucks is not free, so I was on my way.


I was a monkey in a cage, swinging between fear and greed, fueled by caffeine and a leaderboard that told me I was not good enough. 

Then on a Sunday morning run, I listened to your PodCast called the Brutal Truth, and I found a kindred soul. A sales guy talking about his journey, his mistakes and what he learned.

It was the morning I gave myself an intervention. I looked in the mirror and saw for the first time I saw the true me. I said the words "I'm Jake, and I'm a Pitchaholic." 


Yes, it hurt but it was also True. It was freeing and painful at the same time. 

The more I listened to the PodCast the more I realized that the world, my world had changed and No One Know.

I learned that no one wanted to hear my Pitch, Read my Pitch or even know that I existed. I learned that Prospects are People, not targets.

I had to relearn what it is to be Human and Help.


I'm still only 6 Months Sober but have a full Pipeline and Love my job. The deals come naturally, and I no longer need my Starbucks for energy, the excitement of selling is the best rush ever.

I now understand that Pitchaholism takes work to overcome, but it is worth it.


If you are stuck Pitching and can need help, we are here for you. At PA we want to fix the profession of sales and make business frictionless so subscribe and join the group

"There is a Smarter way."

If you know a Pitchaholic or someone who heading that way please tag them in the comments below.

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