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The Surprising Secret to Marketing to CEO's, CRO's and CMO's

For any B2B business, the holy grail of Marketing and Sales is to get the attention, interest, and buy-in of the C-Level decision makers.

The question is how do we do that?

Well, when less than 0.01% go to conferences other than their own, less than 1% read blogs and 0.0001% will attend a Webinar. Where does this leave us?

Well, has does an extensive blog series on "How I Buy" and the consistent conclusion was that marketing and sales approaches are not only ineffective but hated.

The "Highly Personalized" emails that are sent via marketing and sales automation are viewed as SPAM and overlooked. Most C-Level executives have deligated their email inbox to an assistant.

What's research did reveal is that relationships with peers were the #1 resource for solutions to both business and technical issues.

Well, that is great but how do we as Marketers gain access to that peer network?

You may find this surprising but the C-Suite is the fastest growing audience in the world of B2B PodCasting. Why? Becuase they want to learn from their peers. They are hungry know what others are doing and not repeat their mistakes. They want to learn about the newest approaches without they hype, the pitch and the BS.

After PodCasting for 8 years I was overwhelmed with requests for content/conversations about leadership topics, so a year and a half ago I started The B2B Revenue Leadership Show.

I was surprised in two ways first the listenership grow really fast about 4x faster than my Brutal Truth about Sales and Selling PodCast. The other surprise was that CEO's, CMO's and CRO's wanted to be on the show. I'm getting over 70% acceptance rate from my invitations. Unlike most business PodCast we do not talk their product but rather their journey, their issues, and their lessons.

Today the PodCast is an organic community of over 14k C-Level executives who network and learn from each other.

PodCasting works because it is passive content, meaning it can be listened to when you are running, driving or traveling. I have kept the show completely focused on what works today to drive revenue.

If you are looking to connect with a C-Level audience in the B2B Space please check out the PodCast or my site

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