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There are thousands of PodCasts to choose from today but very few who really deliver on their promise. Most PodCasts are over hyping their products and services and underdelivering on tangible value.

One of my favorite is the Adam and Drew show, not what you would think of a business podcast but the life lessons are invaluable:

- The Adam and Dr. Drew Show: For anyone who remembers the radio show, "Love Line" this show will seem very familiar. Adam Corolla and Dr. Drew have teamed up again to talk about life, success, work ethic, politics, and current affairs. This show is a funny mix of comedy, education and personality conflicts. The hosts are like an old married couple who get on each other's nerves and make everyone laugh and learn at the same time.

- The Art of Charm: For ten years this PodCast has consistently produced great episodes on everything from personal development to social dynamics. This show has become one of the most successful shows on iTunes, and for anyone interested in personal development it is a great one to get to know.

- If you want real world Sales knowledge check out The Brutal Truth about Sales and Selling. I have been working on this podcast for over 8 years and I cut through all the BS that is out their on Selling. I post twice a week and include the brightest minds in Sales. Anyone who wants to increase their understanding of the complex sales will love this show.

- The B2B Revenue Leadership Show: Was created because so many of my listeners wanted to a podcast focused on the leadership issues and how Marketing can be adapt to this fast paced world.

- The Sales Questions PodCast: I receive over 50 questions a week about sales, selling and career strategy. So clearly there is a huge need for a podcast that focuses on answering these questions, which was the driver for the creation of the podcast and love helping salespeople out.

To find all these podcasts just click on the Podcast tab on this website.



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